About Contract Moxie

A Fresh Perspective: Legal Products without the Mystery.

We love deals. Negotiating terms, drafting the agreements … we love the whole thing! But we were super frustrated with the archaic practice of law.

Seriously. The legal industry is still built on hourly rates with a mystery total price tag and individual, hand-created documents? Even for individuals and small business?! That is crazy. 

Now, all you lawyers and lawyer fans, don’t take offense. There are a lot of situations where the expertise and skill of individual attorneys is critical. But drafting thousands of similar contracts every day, one-by-one, is not part of that lot.

Before ContractMoxie, the only existing options were either awful (I mean really, very bad) online contracts OR hiring an attorney for 1-on-1 hand-knitted contracts. It was as if a garage sale and a personal seamstress were the only options to buy pants. And people were asking, “Can’t I just buy a pair of pants off the rack?” People need a place to buy contracts off-the-rack.

We couldn’t sleep at night until we provided a solid product for that middle market. We put a lot of thought into how to approach it in a way that is super user friendly. Our dream is that ContractMoxie welcomes you to a fun and easy legal experience. No stress. No unknown costs. Plain and simple.

Beth Lebowitz

Beth Lebowitz is the CEO + founder of Nimbus Legal, legal designed for business, where she is creating an innovative solution for high growth companies in Arizona by offering outsourced general counsel services on a flat monthly fee subscription basis. Beth currently serves as general counsel for ten companies, including two innovative leaders in the ed-tech industry.

Prior to Nimbus, Beth started her practice advising entrepreneurs and businesses on all sorts of corporate and securities matters, including M&A transactions and private placements, helping launch several companies through seed and Series A rounds. A writer at heart, Beth loves working with passionate business owners by helping them tell the story of their idea through business growth.

Beth attended law school at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU, graduating magna cum laude. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, Beth attended Tulane University in New Orleans for undergrad and returns to the city each year for the music and food. Beth also lived briefly in London in the U.K. working in politics and media, even showing up in photos with the prime minister.

Beth loves brainstorming with friends, reading and collecting old books, old blues records, spa days, food and wine with stimulating conversation, traveling for new adventures, and spending time with her husband and young daughter.

Tiffany Christianson

Tiffany founded her current private law firm, Christianson Goens PLC in 2007, and she and her law partner Michele Goens can fully appreciate what it takes to run a business. Tiffany enjoys the mental challenge of both the law and business and is fulfilling her intellectual and problem-solving passions through the creation of ContractMoxie. She believes there’s always room for improvement and innovation.

In her private law practice, the majority of Tiffany’s work in recent years is for well-established clients who demand high-level advice, well-planned negotiations and contractual structures.  She provides value by working with clients to identify risks and concerns, prioritizing goals, facilitating productive communication among the parties that minimizes risk and creates practical working relationships.

Tiffany obtained a bachelor’s degree in business from Texas State University and then attended and received her juris doctorate from University of Texas School of Law. During law school she was recommended to work for various judges, which she did until graduating a semester early. Tiffany moved to Arizona and has been practicing law in Arizona since 2005.

Tiffany also enjoys her family, good friends, and traveling. She has run 2 half-marathons and her favorite city is either Cinque Terra or Paris – hard to choose.

Clear contracts. Clear prices. ContractMoxie is taking the mystery out of the law. Join Moxie in the revolution. And stay tuned, because we are just getting started!